Sunday, June 27, 2010

burn pile

Strange, to be obliged to speak. This record seeks its own and until then must borrow. I am often afflicted with a terrible heaviness in my head and limbs and it is so easy to find distraction.

The yoghurt was not wholly successful. These are the possible causes. 1) I heated the milk to roughly 120 degrees through carelessness and then allowed it to cool to the optimal temperature. 2) The coffee thermos I am using to hold the milk at temperature may be inefficient. 3) I may have used an inadequate amount of starter.

Of the three possibilities, I most strongly suspect the second.

The milk is quickly amounting to too much. I can, and will, make ice cream and add some of the mulberries I am harvesting for a vodka infusion, but I need to find the ingredients and materials for cheesemaking soon.

The north wind has come in, bringing what they say will be a week of cooler weather. The clouds are welcome, and on Sunday, of all days the most suited to this quiet weather, but the humidity has increased as has my torpor.

I watched a burn pile this morning for Mom and liked it out there among the flowers. I'm spending the day inside on paperwork but it feels like I have lost my way and it is only a little past noon.

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